Email’s Awesome, Email’s Weird

As you know, I’m trying to put together this site myself. I’m running my own server, making my own backups, doing my own administration, and so on. It’s not out of some great principle, it’s mostly that I enjoy being able to learn how the internet works at a lower level. And it’s nice to be able to tweak just about any little thing. In terms of spinning up a Linux web server and putting a database and WordPress on it, it’s relatively simple in today’s world.

Unfortunately I then tried to set up an email server. In Linux, this is somewhat complicated even in the age of Ubuntu and friendly GUIs and so on. But what’s worse is that even if you do it all, you get email as it existed a decade or more ago. Want all the features of modern webmail? Want to access it on mobile? Of course you can do all that, but it’s a bit of a marathon.

Or so I gather. Unfortunately this experiment isn’t purely “Matt tinkers around with servers”, it’s in service of getting a blog up and running. I’d like to do that in a reasonable amount of time, given that sadly I am an adult with a kids, a job, etc. So I’m sorry to report that – for now – I’ve bitten the bullet and am using a commercial email service.

I’m not declaring this site open yet – that will be when I actually open comments and have a post that’s not pretty much just a server test in disguise. Give that another week or two. But for now, I’m happy to report that is operational.